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Manwa Trading and Contrcting Company was established in Riyadh in 1984, since then the company grown continuously and now has permanent staff of more than 3000 employees. Manwa head office is located in Riyadh with other offices in other cities in kingdom.Manwa has the following supporting facilities and industries: Crushers, asphalt plants and concrete batch plants in Riyadh and southern and northern area.

During the last thirty years Manwa become one of largest companies in construction field especially in infrastructure projects with goverments and private sectors, Road works, Landscaping, Lighting, Building, as will as road maintenance projects. In addition to the above, the company develops sites for commercial and residential projects, which include the survey works and the preparation of shop drawings, earthworks, storm water drainage and extension of sanitation and drinking water systems.

As a result of good performance and concern of the quality of work and the implementation of projects on time. Manwa has gained a good reputation and confidence from the government agencies and the private sector.

Manwa Trading and Contracting company has Acquired (ISO 9001-2000) certificate. The company is a member of the International Road Federation - United States of America and International Tunnelling Association. More Details


- Construction of Bridge across highly congested Tabouk ring road - Loops, Ramps, Underpass Location: Tabouk, Saudi Arabia Client: Ministry of Transport Completion: 2013

- 30km long (Implementation of the first phase of the bus track) Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Client: Ministry of Transport Completion: 2018

- 32 spans - Total deck length of 1 km Location: Riyadh-Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia Client: Ministry of transport Completion: 2005

- Over 1 million (m²) of Asphalt Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Client: Ministry of transport Completion: 1991

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Client: Ministry of Transport Main contractor: Al-Tanmia contracting Completion: 1999

- Construction of 1,400,000 (m²) of pavements for roads, runways, taxiways and apron areas Location: Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia Client: Ministry of Defense & Aviation Main contractor: Saudi Oger Limited Completion: 1997

- 247km long location: Najran-Sullayil, Saudi Arabia client: Ministry of Transport completion: 2008


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Whether you are an engineer, project manager, accountant, mechanic, construction worker, equipment operator or have another profession background, your experience could be exactly what we are looking for.

Give us some information on your skills and desires to see if a great career opportunity awaits you at Manwa.

Manwa considers local human resource empowerment or “Saudization” as one of its top priorities – we continually encourage the employment of Saudi nationals in our company. The latest Saudization initiative was launched under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor: the Nitaqat program. Under the program, companies are categorized according to a basic color scheme: red, yellow, green and premium. Read More..

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