Connecting the Kingdom


Welcome to Manwa Trading & Contracting Company.


We here at Manwa have a motto; Connecting the Kingdom, because thats exactly what we do, we build and maintain the roads that get you home safely, take you to work, and your kids to school. And we want you to know exactly how we do it, but first a brief history lesson.

Established in Riyadh Saudi Arabia in 1984, Manwa Trading & Contracting Company has literally paved the way for hundreds of public and private projects that have supported the development of the Kingdom’s superior road network. From large regional expressways to small commercial site development, Manwa’s employees perform with pride and creativity. Classified as a Tier 1 road construction company(1)  Manwa is one of the largest road contractors in the Kingdom specializing in site development, earthwork, utility relocation, street lighting, water supply and sanity engineering, storm water and sewage drainage networks, asphalt paving, bridge building, as well as concrete and hot mix asphalt sales.

(1) Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Contractor Classification Division - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.